About Us

Mission Statement

Provide personalized, in-home estate planning services for families throughout New York State that simplifies life in times of crisis, leaving the family in control of their assets while protecting all family members.

Company Vision

Our experienced estate planning and elder law planning attorney will work with all your advisors, whether trusted family members, financial advisors, accountants, or bankers, to create a team that is focused solely on you and your family’s needs.

We service the Central New York areas of Syracuse and Utica, the North-country from Watertown to Messina, and the Western Region encompassing Buffalo and Rochester. Our attorney will make “house calls” to meet you, your family, and your team of current advisors, and together we will create a plan that helps you while you are alive and well, alive and not well, and after you pass away.

“Estate Planning” and “Elder Law” are not simply creating documents such as Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Last Will and Testaments, Revocable Trusts, or Irrevocable Trusts. Instead, Estate Planning and Elder Care planning means that whatever is happening in your life, from an accident where someone is hurt or in a coma, to a diagnosis of mental incapacity due to dementia or Alzheimer’s, upon needing to apply for Medicaid to pay for a Nursing Home, or even after you pass away, someone you trust remains in charge and your wishes are clearly expressed for the family to follow.

Ultimately, we, with your team, will develop a series of practical and understandable documents that will be clearly and simply explained to you and your trusted advisors in no-nonsense and common sense language. That way, no matter when a “bad event” happens that puts your family in crisis, your plan will be current and up-to-date regarding the law, your assets, your goals, and your family’s needs.

Our Product

Is a combination of legal documents that meet specific plan needs, such as:

  • "Foundation Plan" – Will, Health Care Proxy (HCP), Power of Attorney (POA).
  • "Gift Wrapped Plan" – Will (with testamentary asset protection trusts), Personal Care Plan (a/k/a Living Will) in addition to HCP and POA.
  • "The Family Rulebook Plan" – Revocable Living Trust(s), Pourover Will, Personal Care Plan, HCP and POA.
  • "My Family's Inheritance Plan" Irrevocable Living Trust(s), Pourover Will, Personal Care Plan, HCP and POA
  • "Funding Strategies" ensure that assets and documents in the product of choice work together to achieve client's identified goal.